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Please help me!

Hello. My name is Zaw Zaw and I'm from Myanmar.I have one younger sister.Last year,in August, my mother was diagnosed PBC.My mother is 47 years old.I and my younger sister worry too much for my mother.My mother takes UDIHEP Forte 3 times per day and also questran powder.I would like to share my mother blood tests result 2 days ago.

Test Result Ref.Range

Bilirubin 3.5 mg/dl <=1.0 - <=10.5


Phosphate 490 U/L 50-136

SGPT (ALT) 365 U/L 14-65

SGOT (AST) 190 U/L 15-37

Gamma GT 650 U/L 5-55

Please tell me about my mother condition. I am so worry for my mother.

Thanks a lot.

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The most reasonable and helpful thing to do is to contact the PBC Foundation directly - pbcfoundation.org.uk. They have the experience and the knowledge, they can surely help. Good luck and don't despair.


Thanks for your advice.


Hi there I agree the best people to cantact to inform you about PBC is the PBC foundation. Try not to worry it is a condition that you can live with for many many years with the right treatment and your mum is on both the things I was on for 10 years. I am 42 and have two children aged 5yrs and 16yrs old and am keeping very well. There are good times and bad but the main things to remember for your mum is to make sure she eats well and healthily at least 5portions of fruit and veg a day with her meals and keeps herself fit and rests when she needs to even just to lie down for an hour in the day. This is where you come in you could maybe help look after your little sister or help wash dishes, tidy in house etc. Your a good son even just wanting to find out about this condition. Take care of your mum,yourself and your little sister and if you have good relations who live nearby get them to help your mum if and when she wants and needs help. Bye for now.


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