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finally went to see my gastro

I finally went to see my gastro today and now after three years they have decided they want to send my biopsy to the specialist Liver unit in liverpool, they gave me some rubbis about my biopsy showing PBC but my bloods being negative ( unless I have it all wrong) The reason being was that I raised the place and had a good shout at them I even told them that their head consultant was very rude as he had never bothered to see me or even pass the time of day, I told him the only person I have seen is you and you are just a registrar, I also told him that my GP or him were not really interested an neither of them knew anything about it and hadn't taken the time to find out, I told him that the urso were making me ill but he is still insisting I take at least one a day so I made him tell me exactly what it does, he said It binds the bile together in the stomach and thats it, nothing else, maybe I will get morre attension from now on, apart from that I now have to have bloods, an ultra sound, a barium meal and then more bloods in two weeks to see if Protolos ( for oseteo ) is damaging my liver, Then I started going on about the pain I was in and he said I need to go back to the osteo about that who tell me that osteoporosis does not cause pain.......I am getting a bit sick of these people. And on top of that the clinic ran late and I was sat there for two hours, I am not a happy bunny at the moment.

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Oh dear what can I say. You seem to be getting a bit of a rough deal at the moment. Lets hope you get better treatment at the liver unit in Liverpool.

I may be completely wrong but I am sure I have read on here at some time about some being negative while others have positive. It may be an idea to ask another question on here about that.

Good luck


Thanks mumofthree, I am a bit grumpy today, and apart from being grumpy I think its confusion time setting in as well, they ( the hospitals and doctors ) are making me as confused as themseleves, I will see if anyone replies about the bloods on here first before starting another thread, give it a day or so.


Sorry to hear about all this Linda.

I don't blame you and that is one reason I decided last Oct 2011 that I wasn't for now going to go to the hospital for the routine check-ups as I was receiving a bit of conflicting advice and info from both him and the GP.

I know the hospital doctor was a gastro but still he managed to not translate a few things he asked me and I replied to from the first appt with him and the 3rd time I saw him (the last one that was....for now....you never know), I found it highly arrogant of him to shout down a corridor from his room my name and then have me and my husband wandering down the corridor to trace where he was!

I also wasn't keen that the waiting area for the bloods after seeing the consultant was facing the room where the bood pressure, weighing and measuring room is and the nurses didn't seem to bother closing it when a patient went in so you got to see and hear it all. Put me right off as an elderly lady customer said to me in the shop I work on a Saturday recently, 'You are just a number to the medical profession' when she was talking about hospitals as her daughter has just gone thru chemo.


I don't think the gastro was very amused when I told him that my GP wasn't really interested as he knew nothing about PBC and then said well neither do you really, he went running of to the consultant to repeat everything I said and I will be seeing the main consultant next time was the message that came back.

I also agree with you anout the nurse's room and they don't bother to shut doors. and neither do the blood taking place.


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