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Purchasing an Annunity for someone with PBC. Has anyone with PBC got a better deal with annunity. Is it recognised as a health problem?

I am still working full time but am thinking of retiring in the next two years. I am paying into a pension plan which I will need to purchase an annunity from.

If anyone has been through this I would really like some tips on getting the best deal.

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Hi Laurels

Assuming you are in the UK, you most certainly can get an enhanced pension by declaring that you are suffering from PBC. I decided to retire when I was diagnosed and consequently took advice from Hargreaves Lansdown who are located in Bristol. They shopped around and found me the best available pension provider taking into consideration the size of my pension pot and my illness. No charge was made for their service but I assume they received a commission from the pension provider. They really did everything for me very well and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their website is at hl.co.uk. Hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,



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