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I just wanted to share with you an upcoming moment of importance.

Sunday September 9th 2012 is going to be PBC Day.

PBC Day will be an opprotunity to raise the public profile of PBC. It will be a focus point for people to hold events, raise awareness, meet others affected by PBC, raise much-needed funds for the Foundation and to just have a fun day out.

We have the potential to make this absolutely enormous. Our members and Volunteers will be hosting events round the UK and we are looking forward to sharing information with you re events worldwide.

Events can be anything from a coffee morning, a picnic, a walk in the park... Someone has even organised a team to pack shopping at a supermarket so we can talk to people, give out leaflets and raise funds...

SO, my question is this...

What will you be doing on this, our first PBC Day?

How big can we make it? Just how international can we make this? How wide can we sread the word?

If you would like to host an event, raise funds or support another's efforts, please gte in touch with me and I shall endeavour to help you as best I can.



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Would it be possible to repost this on the PBC`rs daily digest. There are a lot from US on there but also from other parts of the world.


I would say yes, but it would be manners for me to speak to Linie first.

Thanks, Zipitydoo.


Will wait to hear from you first then. :-)


Hi Robert, I have a plastic charity box in my farm shop, do you have one I can put on my counter. How do I go about getting a little poster or some leaflets, I could hand them out to my customers.


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