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Hi, can anyone help me please.

Hi, Ive come on here as my sister has pbc and I dont know who to turn to. Her GP and consultant are pretty useless. Can anyone help me please. I live in the south wales area.

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Address the PBC Foundation in Edinburgh, they cover Wales too, write Robert a message here on the PBC Foundation page or just address the office. They have the expertise, the experience and the kindness to help you, just like they have been doing for many other PBC patients in the pas 16 years.


Hi bolt, if you need to know anything about PBC just ask on this site, theres always someone who can help you and your sister, everyone on this site is so helpful and are the best people to speak to. Its nice that your sister has your support as it helps a lot knowing you are there for her, you both have our support too. Thinking of you both x


Thankyou so much xx


Hi, hazeleyes.

Whilst there are lots of helpful people on here, I would argue that not all the information passed around is of the highest quality. In many cases, what is on offer is opinion. Some opinion is better informed than others.

I would say that more often than not, a call to the Foundation would get the most current and accurate information on PBC.

That all said, there have been many wonderfully informative (and informed), helpful and insightful replies here giving great tips and assistance.


PBC Robert -

That last statement is a good way to redeem yourself. LOL

You are correct, however, that the Foundation would probably get one the most current and accurate information on PBC, in a non-personal way. -:)


Hi - Like others Id say contact the PBC Foundation for information. And you can ask us people on here, they will always do their best to answer your questions. Its great your sister has you for support - best wishes to the both of you.


Thankyou so much x


Hi Bolt,

I am in south wales too so feel free to PM me,

The foundation will pt you in touch with your local PBC volunteer who can help you with some of your immediate answers.

Has your sister joined the foundation yet? check out wwww.pbcfoundation.org.uk for contact details and some up todate info.

If your sister has joined, she should have a copy of the new compendium that has been published, ask her to let you read it. It is good that you can arm yourself with quality info so that you can help her to help herself.

Good luck, and feel free to PM me :) There are quite a few of us on here that are in south wales. x


Thanks so much. Unfortunately my sister is very sick and cant do much for herself, but Im on a mission as I feel that he GP and consultant arent doing enough. Watch this space. Which hospital do you attend ??


Can you elaborate on her condition and current treatment? Then maybe someone can help you to help her. Until then she will be in my prayers.


i'm at the Gwent Bolt which part of south wales is your sister? x


Hi bolt I was diagnosed in 2011 I'm under gwent hospital also .

Your sister is lucky to have you by her side

U use this site also as I feel gp and consultant are not very forthcoming.

Stick to this site and like eajsww give me a shout .

Take care both of you XX


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