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Hi all, do any of you use artificial sweeteners, ie in tea, coffee, diet food?

I went to see my consultant yesterday and he was very pleased with my bloods, he told me in 2010 I was a candidate for the transplant list, i can't remember exactly what my bloods were at the time, sorry, he asked what I had been doing, beside taking Urso, i told him i had stopped taking any food with Aspartame in it, result my bloods are now not far off normal

Is this a coincidence?

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Hi - I dont know if its a coincidence or not. I dont and never have used artificial sweeteners and avoid all foods with addictives as they have always made me feel sick and dizzy and my oldest son reacts in a similar way. My bloods are good after being on URSO, so it is possible its just down to URSO. Eating healthily and avoiding processed food can never be a bad thing.

Congrates on your excellent bloods.


Thanks for the reply, I must admit, it could just be the Urso ??


I use sweetners all the time. If i have a can its usually diet as the ones with sugar are too sweet. I drink lots of coffee during the day with sweetners in each.


Hi Zipitydoo, have you checked out what Aspartame does to you on the Internet?


Hi Dinny,

Yes I have read it all before. To be perfectly honest I dont take much notice. What is supposed to be bad for you one week is good for you the next and vice versa. If we took notice of everything we wouldnt eat, drink or breath.

Sweetners have been around for years now and if they really were as bad as some people make out they would have been banned long before now.

Obviously thats just my opinion and we are all entitled to have our own. :-)


I have NEVER used artificial sweeteners - hate the after taste. That said, my thought is there are massive amount of chemicals the we are exposed to it would be hard to sort out what causes what.

I think diseases are a combination of exposure to things that are toxic and lack of the proper nutrition. I for one see food as a way to not feel hungry as aposed to what shall I eat to nurture my body. In the past while trying to loose weight when I eat a diet of veg. and lean meat I feel better.


Hi kosy2, I started using sweeteners in 1991, this was because I gave up smoking and I did not want to gain weight, I was, at that time 9stones, I put on 2 Stone when I packed up smoking, could not shift the excess weight at all. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1996, and had my bloods taken as a matter of course. Around 1998 my GP rang me after having a routine blood test and told me my lft's were very high, I kept having my bloods taken every 3 months, the Dr asked if I drank a lot - lol usual first call is oh it must be drink! They seemed very concerned about my lft's, but then in 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, all the testing for lft's was put on hold whilst I went for a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, also taking tamoxifen for 5 years and Megace, my weight ballooned, I'd had a liver biopsy for hepatic sarcoidosis, and was put on steroids, so my medication along with Aspartame did not do my liver much good! I have always eaten healthy meals, I.e cooked from scratch, not processed stuff, except for diet drinks and diet yoghurt, plus putting aspartame in my tea and coffee. Last year I was 14 stone in weight, since stopping all medication except for Urso and stopping having Aspartame in my drinks, I now eat plain natural yoghurt my weight has come down to 11 stone and by lft's are improving dramatically, so I was thrilled yesterday when my consultant told me the good news :)


Ive been using sweetners for quite a few years now, long before i was diagnosed with PBC in sept 2011. I went to see my gastroenterologist on 19th june and my bloods are alot better due to the urso, sorry i cant remember what they were at the time, i forgot to ask for a copy.


Hello Dinny.

In reply to your question, no I don't take artificial sweeteners and usually refuse to buy anything with them in.

I have never liked the taste of the saccharin that is in a lot of food believe it or not (was surprised it is in the regular Vimto that we have in England these days!) and I don't like the new aspartame that seems to be cropping up in a lot of things.

I did many years ago when I as trying to cut back on calories after my 2nd child (born 1988 when I was in my mid-20's) have Shape yogurts and the like that had the new aspartame in them but that didn't last long. I've always been a believer in natural is better hence been many years now since I've had artificial sweeteners.

I stopped having sugar in tea/coffee when I was only aged 11 as back in the 1970's it was the norm to have sugar in tea (as coffee was expensive back then so that was a treat) plus poured on breakfast cereals but I don't buy many of those with added sugar, haven't for a couple decades if possible.

At the end of the day I see artificial sweeteners as a chemical and that is that for me.

I know since being diagnosed with PBC in late 2010 I have not actually gained any weight even with being on urso since that time. I do eat regularly and think partly due to PBC and also partly due to being late 40's now, appetite does cut down as we age. I know tho' since reading into PBC and the liver and digestive system I have reduced even further fat intake tho' I was never one for fry-ups, fish and chips, etc prior to diagnose. The thing I miss now is the fact up until the start of the itch in 2010 I could spend a lot of time running about, walking and being very active. I know I have slowed down somewhat but again I think some of this is also contributed to age as well.


Hi. I have used sweeteners for years but not aspartame. I was diagnosed two years ago. I can't take aspartame because it makes me very sick and severe stomach pains. I am also allergic to aspirin and have discovered they are related. I just wanted to say if anyone is thinking of taking sweeteners please be careful. I hope you continue to improve and wish you well.



Hi all thanks for your input on this topic. Sorry I've not replied before now, but Ive been away on holiday :)


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