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Another thing to add to the list calification

I had another fall x ray showed calcification of the collat bone !

It really hurts I have been in so much pain as its, close to shoulder bone .

Has anyone else been told this ? Still waiting for dexa scan to check out osteio I have pain either side of my hips as well was told this was bursitis (not sure if my spellings right ) does any body else have this ?I have scervicals spondolitis also fusion. Of lower spine

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Hi I too have bursitis thankfully it's only in my right hip but oh so painful,sitting standing and lying down are all as bad.I have had two lots of injections so far of steroid and it does seem to have helped with my gait I don't waddle as I walk so much now,hope this helps Anita


Thanks Anita been thinking about steriod injections but just think fed up of boo.g to drs all the time

I walk with a waddle also try as I might just clannot walk normal LOL x


I have really bad pain in my knees, ankles which at times I struggle to walk,sometimes I have to come down the stairs on my bum. I have been told by my consultant that this comes with PBC. Can anyone tell me what pain killers they are on? I take Dihydracodine but somedays it does nothing for the pain. I seem to have flare ups when I might be in severe pain for 3 to 4 days and then suddenly its not so bad. Have reduced my working week to 3 days but am finding this difficult. Can anyone give me some advice?


Dr just changed mine to Zapain 30/500 they are good but came take them I got to work as u just want to sleep !!


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