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test results ???

well got a letter from my specialist today obviously the one that he sent to the doc ,, has me diagnosised with pbc and perivous alohol excess lol like we dont all have that now an then ..

apparently my bilirubin is 54,ALT 190,Alk.Phosphatase 1101, Gamma GT 527 and globulins at 43 with an albumin of 34 and INR 0.9. my IgM was elevated at 9,976 with a strong postive AMA and elevated ferritin at 1350...

dont know when these are from as i did have 3 weeks off work with 9 days of that in hospital and then taken loads of blood

not really sure how bad these results are ????

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I only know that the billirubin count should be below 20 and the ALT should be around 35. As far as I understand it is an indication of some inflammation in the liver. Not sure what the others mean. You should make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss your specific case. Take care, x


Good Morning Michalax,

Did you get your print-out of the blood results to see?

Just that I originally asked for mine on diagnose (Dec 2010) due to the fact I was getting frustrated with the doctors' terminology to me, 'that's high', this is 'low'. Got informed that yr Vit D level 'was a bit low' so I said, "Well what is low in numerical terms?"

I got the print-out of all the bloods taken (even if t seems an on-going problem to get them as will do later next wk no doubt as had my repeats yest but that is another story!).

On the print-out it has figures of what are supposed to be a normal range so you can see.

One of the GPs last yr filled me out on a few - what they are - and hospital results are sent to the GP so you should be able to request.

Hope this has helped somewhat.


Hello Michalax

If you have just been diagnosed I would ask to be copied in on all the doctors letters that pass backwards and forwards. That way you will know everything thats going on with regards to your tests. I did this and then I looked up the information (medical bits) on the internet to find out what it all meant.

The PBC Foundation will give you a wealth of information and support so make sure you get in touch with them.

Obviously we are all different; but in my personal case my bloods were terrible when I was first diagnosed and everything looked quite bleak but within a year of being on URSO I was back in the normal ranges (to everyones surprise)!

Good Luck - I hope it all goes well.


thanks for advise yeah ive got appoinment again in may but may go see my doc before then anyway as will need more tablets they do reckon it will take a year to get a true result so it just a case of waiting till then and be carefull with wot i do , and guess i really should stop t he drinking full stop and stop having t he odd few x


There are a lot of different opinions out there regarding alcohol. The way I look at it is that alcohol is a toxin and processing this toxin is what the liver does. If the liver is not working properly then it cannot process the toxin as efficiently so why put the extra pressure on it. It's a bit like having a sprained ankle and walking on it. I don't see the logic in that. Everyone does what suits them in the end, it's only my take on it. Hope everything goes well for you. x


Hello again Michalax.

I personally would quit alcohol permanently. I was never much of a drinker, just the festive period with family and odd birthday celebrations (never a home drinker plus I was widowed young with 2 children and I'd not have deemed it being a responsible parent as I had very little family).

When I orig. went to the GP when the itch started (I never thought anything of the tiredness) in 2010, as soon as he got the first result for the abnormal lft I didn't drink even the odd one with my husband of a Sunday when we would go out country walking and stop by a pub for lunch. I do not miss it as it never bothered me previously as I know it may some (my husband likes the odd couple drinks Friday and over the weekend and he would miss it as he has said). What has bothered me more is being around family and friends in that drink environment. After a diagnose of PBC seems a lot different refusing an offer of a drink as it was before as at all costs I don't want to even have to start explaining.

I also didn't take any painkillers after the first abnormal lft even tho' previously it has always been a rare thing for me.

I look on it as attempting to put a brake on the PBC and anything known to maybe be a toxin or maybe create additional damage to me is a no-no.

You're not alone out there but remember you may be aiding the tablets more and do better now you have a diagnose.

Good luck.


yeah gotta get some non alcohol drinks in the flat doesnt help that i work in a pub but i have been good and managed to not have them at work. all takes time i guess


As my mother used to say "Your Helath is Your Wealth" Funny that I totally understand what she means by that now! Keep well! x


All i can tell you is that if you have elevated Gamma GT ( i am an alcohol and drugs worker) it is ONLY related to inflammation caused by excess alcohol - go steady!


I have elevated Gamma GT and i am a non drinker of Alcohol.!


thanks Iorac, didnt personally think it was to do with just drink as even if im not drinking my results were still rising but least now they going down and specialist is happy with me . will just have to see wot the are when i go see him in may . i only wish the tiedness would go as it killing me that and the sore joints and unfortunatly i cannot afford to be off work ..

take care all of us x


i have elevated and rising ggt too and I haven't touched alcohol since January and prior to that, I only had a few drinks once a month,

I work in that field too and I know that they use GGT as a way of testing for chronic alcohol misuse. There are other things that cause it to rise. Including liver disease.


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