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Primary Billary Cholongitis/Low Sodium

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Does anyone know or has experienced low Sodium due to or having PBC? What are the causes, symptoms on treatment.



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Hey Stevie! I have it! Some doctors tell me to drink more water some doctors say to drink less water. One doctor said watch sodium. I have had it for at least 4 years and nothing really seems to help. My sodium is only a little low so maybe they don't really care that much.

Let my know if you find anything that does help!



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stevie1 in reply to 4pjx__

Thanks for your reply. What symptoms do you have regarding low sodium?

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I don't really have any symptoms that I notice. If my sodium test didn't come back a little off I wouldn't know. Do you have symptoms?

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stevie1 in reply to 4pjx__

The first time it came up on a routine blood test but yesterday I went to local heath center for dizziness and she spotted other indicators such as slow in speech, slow to respond and a few more. Waiting on blood test to confirm.

I also have low sodium and no one has ever mentioned it being treatable. I just assumed it was because I eat a low sodium diet. I’m interested to hear what you find out

I have low sodium too, Two different doctors told me to eat extra sodium each meal, they don’t think it is very important..??

Hi stevie1. Not heard of a connection between PBC and low sodium. Some medications carry this as a side effect - only time my sodium was low enough to cause unpleasant symptoms it was ascribed to taking Tegretol. If it falls slowly by a few points the body can adjust, but rapid or significant falls can be serious and need diagnosing.Best wishes

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