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The message I just received from my hep is this…benzfibrate is being studied with ocaliva. He will let me know when the trial is available. 😊

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Now that's great news! I hope you're able to do that one!

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Yes it is. I’ve already been researching it, lol!

That’s really good news, fingers crossed 🤞

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Yes ma’am. Thank you!

On Octavia for a year and made no difference at all to my levels. Then went on Bezofibrate and within a month they were down to normal for the first time in 10 years.

I’m sorry to hear that. Within 3 months my Alk went from 247 to 160. It steadily came down and went to 97. It eventually went back to 113 , then the last year it started back up and was 160 last check.

Your experience is very encouraging 😊

Great news!

Wonderful. Hope you don't have long to wait.

Me too. Thanks!

Hope it works out for you Gail

Yes, I need it to. Thank you.

I have been on Ursodexacholic acid for 18 years my readings didn’t alter much and I experienced my digestion not being able to handle numerous foods. In addition the misery of diahorrea terribly embarrassing. 2 years ago Bezafibrate was added to my medication my diet improved I now have to watch I do not become constipated! Now my liver enzyme readings are normal and I don’t need to see my consultant until a review in 4 years! unless I develop a problem. Good luck I hope it works out for you.

That is wonderful to hear. Aside from your levels being good, do you know if it has slowed progression?

All my levels are normal including bilirubin. My hep did a lab to try and determine why my Alk Phos was going back up. Result was normal and it isn’t from my liver. 🤷‍♀️