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I'm wondering if anyone with PBC has difficulty with remembering things? I forget why I'm calling people or things I'm supposed to do. I was wondering if it is coming from the PBC or is it something else?

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Hi Nyiah.

Yes, this can be a thing.

Patients often refer to “brain fog”. There is some good research going on in terms of what is medically known as cognitive dysfunction. There seems to be a link with fatigue.

I hope that helps,


crich in reply to PBCRobert

Hi, I had the same thing for the last 6-9 months, dr tells me it is a build up of toxins caused by a failing liver in my case. I had to increase my fluid intake and bowel output to help the situation. It did help. However I had a transplant of my liver 3+ weeks ago and the minute i woke up from the surgery, my brain fog was gone. It is now great to think straight and remember things. Chin up , look forwards and enjoy what you are all doing today x.

gwillistexas in reply to crich

Hope you are doing well after your transplant 🙏🏻

crich in reply to gwillistexas

Great thanks

liver-bird in reply to crich

Great news - stay well

crich in reply to liver-bird

Thank you

Purdy2017 in reply to PBCRobert

Your not alone it gets embarrassing my brain seems really lazy xx

Yes, I do but I'm 73 so that might account for some of it. My blood was tested for excess potassium but it was normal

So I go to the Doctor next do I need to have them test for something exactly?

Yes total fog all the time now. It's a nightmare. Had a wee bit before but this is every day. Told by specialist don't know why like fatigue we get it but stuck with it.

Yes, along with fatigue memory is the worst known as brain fog I have a real bad time trying to remember things and they say it's due to PBC

Hi Nyiah

I am 70 which obviously accounts for a bad memory but this brain fog is different. Been diagnosed for 15 months.

I was in a car with my son in law and his friend who I had never met before. He was driving and we were chatting about learning to drive and I said to him "Do you drive"!!! 😜 😂

I realised what I had said straight away.

So yes I believe PBC causes brain fog 🤔

I feel so bad sometimes. My husband will ask me to do something and I forget. If I don't set reminders in my phone I want remember appointments or things im supposed to do. It makes me cry because I want remember why I call people or who I'm calling. My husband is being supportive but I feel like a burden

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