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Has anyone got the overlap syndrome and how does it affect you day to day.

I'm getting tested for this

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Are you talking about PBC/AIH overlap ?

janine541 in reply to Angel46


Angel46 in reply to janine541

I was diagnosed PBC then had the AIH added to the diagnosis couple years later. . Was put on steroids and azathioprine, the steroids were then reduced and continued on azathioprine. Day to day life can be a struggle .

Hope you don't have to wait long for your test and results.let us know how you get on.

Think I mentioned a while back on PM Verma diagnosed AIH overlap, put me on steroids then suggested Azathioprine which made me really ill. That’s when I went for a second opinion just didn’t feel safe being immunosuppressed. Talk to the consultant ask all questions to make sure. Take care let us know how you get on. That coffee together is getting cold. Good luck

I will a d the coffee is freezing

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