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Is overheating a symptom of PBC?


I get very hot, very quickly with any physical activity? Being in the perimenopausal stage of life I first thought it must be hot flashes, but now I'm starting to see it's directly correlated to the amount of movement I do. I can be outside on a hot day and be fine, but the minute I start to exert any energy it hits me. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

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Never had any such feeling (but I’m a bloke!!) as the liver gets worse you feel incredibly cold all the time, not hot.

Nyiah in reply to Huggy7614

So that is why I'm freezing all the time?

Huggy7614 in reply to Nyiah

I’m afraid so!! When I went for my first appt at qehb, the consultant said ‘are you often feeling cold??’ My answer was ‘all the time, even when everyone Is boiling!!’ That was the first I’d heard of it and I’d been feeling cold for months!!!

The morning after my transplant I was lying on my bed in just a hospital gown and realised I wasn’t cold!! The transformation was that quick!!!

Wish you well with it all.


Nyiah in reply to Huggy7614

Thank you so much. I was waiting till after the virus to go to the hospital to meet my transplant team.

Huggy7614 in reply to Nyiah

The best of luck with it. Trust me, transplant makes the world of difference.....but get yourself as fit as possible before if you can. Makes recovery easier.

Nyiah in reply to Huggy7614

Thank u so much

For me it is even post menopause. I especially have heat flares the moment I lie down flat, after a meal or shortly after having Urso. Try to see what provoked it. Since realizing this I tend to have dinner and Urso as early as possible it helps a bit.

That is not anything I’ve experienced...

I do too. I also get hot flushes especially when the temperature passes 75 degrees. I believe that inflammation in our system causes heat, also insulin resistance issues. I am pre diabetic and I’ve noticed if I take the sugar out of my diet, the hot flushes or the heat sensation subside dramatically. Hope this helps.

It's night time I'm worse the heat and tingling is getting so bad I hardly sleep...the trouble is my GP days it's menopause I'm 71 this has been you going on for 8 yrs since they stopped my Hrt no-one can help

I started about 10 yrs ago getting warmer/hotter every year, im 63 now and its that bad even in winter i can pass out with heat even when people are feeling cold and wearing lots of different layers of clothing, my winter clothes now consist of cropped pants, vest t shirt, and flipflops, even in the snow and rain, summer i wear the same but cant go outside so sit in the house with fans on in every room to try to keep me cool, I always thought it was my fibromyalgia but after reading your posts it could be my PBC.

I've not owned a coat/jumper/cardigan or long leggings for over 6 yrs, summer used to be my favourite time of the year, now i dread it.... :(

me too , can't do anything even approaching strenuous these days without getting severely overheated!

So me to the T, I also have Hyperhidrosis and this causes me to be a recluse in the summer, living in Texas it’s awful as hot 40+ most of the year and I melt. My hep told me my age (49) is not helping and the liver can also create more heat with the inflammation. I have fans in every room, bought a portable fan I can put around my neck, as long as I have motion in ok. I switch on over 29/60 degrees and humidity. Also if you sweat while eating it can fall into the gustatory HH and watch what you eat, caffeine, spicy foods, hot foods make me melt.

I use sweat rags dip them in cold water and designed to keep cooler. I also freeze a bottle of Water and use this to keep me cool if out. I’ve had hyperhidrosis since a young lass and growing up in the UK up north I was called sweaty betty. I made two TV documentaries on this. It’s real and it’s horrible. I’m the Wally runny around in leggings and cardigans at -10 as I hate heat. I freeze my family out with the AC and they have to wear blankets in the evening. Lol. It’s real and it can be brought on by our lovers and menopause..I don’t think I will ever stop sweating. Why we are moving soon to get out of the mad Texas heat. Going to be 44 (108) today and next few days. Ask away, I’m very knowledgeable. Cheers. Annie xxx


You guys are the greatest! It'so nice to not be alone and to have reassurance that I'm not imagining things. Thanks to you all.

YES! I have exactly the same and also thought menopaque but it is about any movement I do.....?

Yes I too am I peri menopause and also have pbc and I overheat quite frequently so much so that I get sick.

Hi Margie yes this happens especially when your not expecting it, I don’t like blaming PBC all the time, but for over 15 years now I have experienced the hotties, people used to say it was the change, which I New it it wasn’t, trying to explain to people who don’t understand is hard.

Take care.

Hi Margie - just came out the other side of menopause and received my PBC/AIH diagnosis midway on the journey. Had hot flashes, but they have been coming less and less frequently over the past year, so I’m attributing mine to menopause. I’ve come to look at hot flashes,, joint pain, itching and waves of fatigue as symptoms of life and all life is good - I just up my game around self-care when I experience them. Hang in there - you’re not alone.

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