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Kidney issues to do with PBC?

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Hi all. I’ve had a recent blood test, having been tired over the holiday period. My thyroid medication seems a bit off (I also have under active thyroid), but the liver results were fine thankfully (Urso keeping everything normal). However Dr also mentioned something to do with my kidneys, and I’ll have to redo blood test in a month. Has anyone else had this? Is there something else auto immune connected to the kidneys? Bearing in mind this was how the PBC was diagnosed first through showing up on a blood test I’m a bit concerned.

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I think you have to wait to redo the blood tests, guessing about other auto immune conditons may cause you unnecessary stress which we know is not good for the PBC. I believe blood results may also be changed if diabetes or high blood pressure are diagnosed. Blood results may fluctuate, a month will hopefully fly by for you to get your results.

come back and let us know how you get on

I have not heard of any autoimmune with the kidneys, however I had a birth defect that was not fixed until I was 18 and then I had kidney surgery twice. I have often murdered as well if that had anything with my diagnosis of PBC later in life.

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