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Hep B vaccination reaction

Had the series of 3 Hep B vaccinations in the 1990's without any problems. After my PBC diagnosis I was told to re-do the series (no immunity). Had the 1st one and within 30 minutes experienced sudden acute dizziness and vomiting which lasted about 30 minutes (short duration). No reaction after the 2nd vaccination. But 2 days after the 3rd...sudden acute dizziness with vomiting (short duration) , next day just sudden short duration dizziness, next day no problems, then the next day sudden acute dizziness with vomiting. No dizziness for a week now. Anyone else have this type reaction to the Hep B vaccine? They did a CT scan and saw "indicators" of MS.....another autoimmune (as if 3 aren't enough). Will see a neurologist later this week. Thanks

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I had to redo my vaccinations also but had no reaction..... I may have nrh and irs autoimmune also but I haven’t heard for sure


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