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I need a medication break

Its been a year and a day since I got the news my enzymes are elevated.

A few weeks later medication started.

I’m being careful for what I wish for.

I’m realizing that my wishes are granted. However not with the outcome I want.

I just need a break with the steroids and AZA.

Just a week.

I know the outcome will not be what I want.

I just need a medication break

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I can't say I totally get it. I'm on 2 drugs that make me just a little nauseous and dizzy, and not all the time. Steroids and Aza is something else altogether. You don't want to lose any ground by going off of them, and steroids need to be tapered off of.

Your numbers looked so good the last time you shared. How are you feeling?

Stella ❤


Stella I love you like a sister. Your advice is always caring and thoughtful. You would make a great therapist. There was so many times I believed that I was sinking and you pulled me out.


Awe Jenny your too kind❤. We all listen to each other. I just know that going off meds isn't a good idea. I wish I had your numbers! You mentioned your Doc is trying to turn your hep around. He believes it's possible. I wish that was the case for PBC too.

Keep going. Your numbers are going in the right direction. And, I'm no therapist by any stretch of the imagination lol. But, I am here if you ever need to talk. I can't promise I won't bring the Bible into it though. Lol 👍

Stella ❤


My alt is 10 and ast is 12 and alk is 63. I eat very little during the day and drown myself with drinking water. Them at night I wake up a few times and raid the food pantry. The manufacturer for my prednisone was changed. It’s a different pill and I don’t like it all. My previous steroid had fillers of some kind. I’m down to 10 mgs. Even with my numbers where the dr wants to see them at he’s keeping me at 10 until August.


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