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Hi everyone,

I've just got back from seeing my gastro and am a little uncertain, annoyed and confused.

He's told me that my AMA levels were positive again but it was weakly positive so he couldn't do the subtype, which confused me because I figured the sub types were actual different tests.

He said my MRI results showed nothing wrong with my liver and my LFT's were normal. Which is great.

I told him I'd been having pain in upper right abdomen, he dismissed it as something to do with my bowels.

He said he doesn't think I have any biliary problems (PBC etc) but he said I should keep an open mind and he will do some more blood tests in 3 months time.

Now I'm a little confused and uncertain with all this, why do I have positive ANA and AMA? Does this mean that perhaps I have another auto immune disease? Should I see my normal doctor and be tested for other diseases? I get very very bad anxiety when it comes to my health, and I don't like this uncertainty. I was under the impression that most normal healthy people do not have AMA and ANA.

I wasn't very impressed with the responses I received from my gastro, I was hoping to feel more content after this appointment but he kind of annoyed me a little and wasn't great at answering my questions. He's written on the blood test request form PBC with a question mark, I'm just annoyed, do I have it or not?!

Any advice or thoughts would be very helpful :) thank you.

- Jessie

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I usually have my primary care doctor help me manage my overall health care needs. Maybe go consult with your primary doctor. Do you have a copy of all your results? You should have that to start the dialogue.

If you don’t feel like this gastro is meeting your needs, then I would go get another opinion from a hepatologist.

My primary care doctor is a GI & he doesn’t understand all this ama, ana stuff in detail so he sent me to a hepatologist.

I usually give updates to my primary care doctor on all my health results from various doctors so that he knows what is going on. & he gives me advice when I ask him.


That sounds like good news your mri was clear and lfts are normal


Hi JessieKate. My gastro dr after seeing me first time he said that he couldn’t help me, then my GP sent me back to him insisting on the Ursofalk for me. Then the gastro prescriped the Urso and after the first app after trying it he said I thought this wasn’t going to work for you but apparently it does work for you and I was on that medications for more than 15 years. The point is either you go back to him asking for more help or seek different opinions from others. Hope you get well soon.

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