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First post = Hello

Hello i'm 51 in Maidstone kent diagnosed 2 years ago from blood tests and scans and put on meds i am also anaemic i'm tired and having to reduce my work hours again, now looking at moving down to 3 days a week but have an appointment with occupational health, arranged by work, first to go through. Hope you all had a merry and healthy Christmas

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Hello julieausten


Have you been told why you are anaemic?

If you are not already taking anything you may find that vitamin D will help you, it works for me as does the regular B12 shot I have for pernicious anaemia. I had to have an hysterectomy at 53 which resolved my anaemia problems. At 51 I am guessing you could be in one of the phases of menopause which can also impact on how you are feeling. I was diagnosed in 2004 and along the way I have learned that not everything is PBC but I do believe that because the immune system is compromised we may (and not all do) find other illnesses impact us more easily. I hope you find a reduction in hours helps.

Happy New Year


Good luck with it


Hi I’m also 51 in essex not so far across the bridge ha ha

I was only diagnosed In July this year but had been back and forwards to doctors for 2 years now I’m under the Royal Free,

I’ve dropped my hours to 24 a week not ideal financially but has helped

Hope you had a lovely Xmas

Roz x

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