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I'm new here

I was diagnosed with PBC in May this year and my specialist has just told me that I am further along than he thought. This is because he has found that I have an enlarged spleen. I have been worrying about this since he told me.

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I have an enlarged spleen also, i am stage 4 cirrhosis but i have been stable for 5 or 6 years the urso has worked good for me, but i suffer from lots of symptomd like extreme fatigue, itching pain in my liver


Can you describe how liver pain fills? Every time after I eat or drink I feel little pinch or dull pain under my left ribs

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Don't understand that. Liver on right🤔

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You said that years of cirrhosis have remained stable, please tell me what diet plan you have and how you lived?

I hope you remain happy and happy.

with respect


You might only be stage 3 PBC which can be controlled very well usually by Urso. Take care


Have you had a liver biopsy? My understanding of PBC is that it can only be properly staged by a biopsy.

I would contact the 'PBC Foundation' who host this site on Health Unlocked. There is a link to their website at the top of the page, with links for phone and email contacts. Their trained advisors are lovely. It might help to have all your letters, results and test details etc to hand, so you can tell them what has - or has not - been done so far, by way of diagnosis.

If you don't have all your results, ask your Consultant and/or GP receptionist for copies. You might have to pay a charge for older documents, but recent ones should not be a problem. Really you should receive a full copy of everything done and said, but lots of people don't receive them.

There are a lot of people on here at later stages who are still living a full life.

Hope this helps, take care.


Yes, I was diagnosed very early, no liver damage at that time. 6 months ago I did my fibro and that was normal too in my understanding.my every three months hepatic panel test has been now every 6months.I have no diet restriction from my liver specialist. Tho it has been several months now, I have developed reactive hypoglycemia which can be hypoglycemia if I don't control my diet habits so, I follow my nutritionist from endocrinology dept these days and it is working very well except I'm losing weight which I don't want..

I might have to check for Celiac disease next time I visit to endocrinologist I guess.. I'm lactose intolerance too.

Dx pbc, hypothyroid December 2013

Dx reactive hypoglycemia December 2016

I may have sjogrens disease too!

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The spleen can be bigger but do not worry so much about it.

Important is to keep your nr low for alp &ggt & bilirubin.

The enlarged Spleen is the effect that the liver is suffering.




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