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At times I itch like crazy, I know I have two blocked bile ducts again. PBC is a slow progressive disease so we know that has not returned. Most likely causes are bad blood supply to that part of the liver during the TX or it got damaged as they put it in. The problem may get sorted in the near future. Meanwhile has anybody had any side effects from taking Prograf. I have a burning sensation like sunburn and flakey skin on the face, my face goes red and stings like sunburn.

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Omg that sounds awful. Have you seen a dermatologist? Also you could look into getting some natural organic grade Frankincense to put on your skin. A few drops will go a long way. I have had mysterious itchy hive like eruptions all over the place. Leaves hot swollen area with a liquid filled hard centre which later burst and then leave a hard entered scab followed by a purple scar. Weird but true. My daughter sells Do Terra brand essential oils. She put frankincense on the sites and the itch went away and it started to heal the scabs and scars.


Hi, I don't get liquid, just dry flakey skin which falls off like dandruff...


I get a red rash sometimes on my face. The GP who has a special interest in dermatology diagnosed it as rosacae. This is also apparently auto immune so wondering if it is the same for you.

hope you get an answer

best wishes


Hi, I don't get liquid in mine just dry flakey skin which falls like dandruff....


Hi, Thank you for your reply, that is another avenue to look at. My skin around the nose area tends to go white and flakey and drops like dandruff. I am sure it will get sorted one way or another. ...take care


Hi, I saw a show that said the probiotics help with rosacia. I don't have rosacia but probiotics have helped me with stomach issues. I hope you get some resolve.


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