elevated CA 19-9

Does anyone here have elevated CA 19-9? This is a cancer marker for Bile duct and/or Pancreas.I have slightly elevated Ca 19-9, slightly elevated AMA M2, slightly elevated Pancreatic enzyme but LTFs and MRCP are normal (except moderately enlarged bile duct which may be caused by gallbladder removal). One doctor said not to worry about it, the other one think this is serious.

I am confused and don't know what to do.

Any advice?



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  • It all can be wary and an overload of information that our doctors need to explain better. Ny opinion if you have a doctor that is concerned go in that direction. Its better to be safe than sorry you didn't to cover all bases.

  • Thanks cfsummerford72. I was thinking about the same thing. Just don't like to do the invasive procedure unless absolutely have to. I wonder if PBC may cause elevated CA 19-9. Just want to check in with people in this community. There seem to be a well of knowledge of everything on this blog.



  • Hi Janelng, I agree with cfsummerford72. My husband had yearly blood work with cancer markers-- we made sure that we used the same lab for these tests, some years there were slight elevations ( he was a patient at a cancer hospital), nothing came of it but they did keep a close eye on him & he did have extra scans (CT, U/S). Ask for a repeat blood test . Best of luck

  • Thanks so much Beliver!!


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