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just an update

my old dr sent over my chart I reviewed it. I was tested for the antibodies in 2015, My current dr said we can repeat the test if I want to or we can wait. I am going with waiting and discontinuing my adderall under his supervision and we will see if that makes my enxymes go down. My ALP is normal. I read through my chart that my right side pain has been with me since 2011. the gastro did an endoscopy and said its bile gastritis but i just dont know anymore. I guess Ill update again when I find out more info. thanks everyone for the support.

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👍keep us posted. I hope the best for you.



Just wanted to mention I've left like 3 messages to my drs office this week with no return calls so obviously I'm not of much concern... I'm not happy about this. I was told to come in Monday to blood work I called ahead left a message that I was coming in and then was told dr didn't write to order so to call back. Called left a message and then called after 24 hours left another message and then today left one more... not happy to be left in limbo


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