Energy levels are soaring!

I just can't understand this. I keep getting new challenges, I keep having to do more things and my body keeps responding positively. I have never really suffered from the itch but when I had no demands to do things I did used to feel lethargic and tired. I still go to bed early but after 8 hours sleep I am ready for the next day. For weeks now I have been out door knocking in the hope of becoming a county councillor and have now been selected as parliamentary candidate for the Labour party. So the challenges continue. It would be amazing to win the seat as I promise what I will do is raise the awareness of PBC and other related liver diseases. That's all for now - have so much to do. Best wishes to all of you who really do suffer and hopefully, you will wish me your good luck!

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  • hi Gioielli

    Glad you are feeling so well. Good luck in your endeavours.

    best wishes

  • You sound as though you're doing really well, good luck for the future and hopefully you can make people more aware of PBC

  • Are you doing anything different to give you energy

  • Had my dosage of Urso changed in February as I was on too low a dose for my weight. Have now lost weight - walking and door- knocking- but nothing else. Hopefully it is going to last. Lol

  • Well done, do you think it's the positive attitude that helps. Good luck hope it goes well.

  • I think it is helping!

  • Wonderful news keep well

  • Wonderful news, keep it up!

    I also hope you get in!! Where are you trying for?

  • That's great!! Best of luck with the campaign 😊

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