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I have been "itching" since 2014. I have slowly worked my way through GP recommendations and since January I am in the care of a specialist here in the UK. I started colestyramine last summer, naltrexone was added later but I could not tolerate it. I was given Rifampicin at 150mg twice a day. The itch continues - yesterday the specialist upped the dose to 300mg twice a day.

I try not to be a pain about the itch but it does bring me so low.

Anyway my question is if you are on Rifampicin what dose do you take and is it working for you?


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Just massive hugs that do not cause more itching. I am struggling with the Questran managed one yesterday and looked at the two alternatives as I may need to be on them, so following with interest.

It's so hard to be smiley and at peace with constant itch.

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Questran seemed to be much more difficult than the Questran light for me.

I take my Questran Light with orange juice which I find more easy to get down.

It is awful with water. I have also sprinkled it on my porridge but that really spoiled breakfast! :-)

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I am on Light, I managed to get one down with cranberry but knew I would maybe gag and lose the first effort.

I can imagine porridge would be totally ruined. Yes awful with water. I saw one forum, where the woman has bought gelatin caplets and fills 8 with the sachet and swallows with water. Why they cannot make them into pills or something better to take.

Anyway enough about Questran Light, hope you get an answer.

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Hi i take sertraline for the itch it is an anti depressant and one of the side effects is that it helps with the itch i had tried all the others but they didnt help.

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