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Urso results

Hello All,

So I've been on Urso ~4 months now since being diagnosed with stage 1 PBC and got my bloods done myself at work and I'm soon scheduled for my 6 month review with my GI. I found with my bloods I did myself (just did out of interest to see if I was responding to medication) that my LFTs had come down, but my bilirubin had gone up slightly! Has anyone ever found that before? For the few years that my bloods were being done before diagnosis my bilirubin was always 7. And then within a month of taking Urso it had gone to 13! I know it's still within range but should I be concerned!

Also with PBC do you get liver pain? I may have just become a total hypochondriac since diagnosis but sometimes I feel like i've an ache in my liver area. Can this happen from this disease?

Thanks, Emer x

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Emer when my direct bilirubin went up to .29 I was worried as well. My doctor was not worried. He said that the blood doesnt stay the same all the time that it fuxuates. I get worried when my levels raise a tad too. Most are with in range. Good luck to you today and please try to relax and not stress over things we can't control. I'm trying to put as much thought as I can into diet and exercise. Happiness is the best medicine

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Hi Emer, great news that your LFTs have come down since starting Urso!

My bilirubin has certainly fluctuated between the numbers you give, but it generally remains at the lower figure. Doesn't look like cause for concern at the moment.

Yes, some people definitely do experience pain in the liver area with PBC. I doubt you've become a hypochondriac, it's natural to be focussed on what's happening in your body at this point if you're fairly newly diagnosed, I expect we've all been there!

Read through advice given to others who are newly diagnosed on this forum and you'll find a huge amount to encourage, support and inform you. I'm not newly diagnosed, but I'm fairly new to the forum, and it's made a huge difference to me. People are kind, and willing to help, so ask your questions and someone will probably know. Also join (free) the PBC Foundation.

Best wishes

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