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I was diagnosed with PBC a little over a year ago. Honestly taking my meds and staying relatively healthy seems to have been an easy task. I haven't really had any symptoms or issues, no itching no fatigue no jaundice. Today that all changed, when I noticed blood in my stool, very evident and obvious. Frankly, other than my original diagnosis this is the first time having this disease has caused me to be afraid. I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow.

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Hi Beck7

I am sorry to read of the change to your condition. You are probably already aware that this may not be caused by PBC but maybe another auto immune condition. Good to know you will be in touch with your doctor urgently. Let us know how you get on.

best wishes.


What other autoimmune condition might this be a symptom of?


Sorry Beck7 but I have no qualifications to say but I know that once we have one autoimmune condition we are likely to have more. Currently I claim 3 :-) really not so funny!

I think you are in the USA so timings are different for us but let us know what the doctor says.

best wishes


I agree, thats very true! I have been looking up complications or progression of PBC rather than thinking of a different condition - maybe something in the IBD family. Guess that's why I'm not a doctor!


Hi I have Crohn's disease as well as PBC. Dr thinks there may be a link. Good that you are getting it checked out. If you do have Crohn's or a IBD condition it's controllable and not the end of the world. I live a very normal life whilst living with both conditions. Hope all goes well.


I've heard there may be a link as well. Call the doctor's office yesterday, she said my hemoglobin was good in my last round of tests, so she wasnt overly concerned, but thought I might need another colonoscopy. I have more blood work and an ultrasound coming up on the 30th. Always a waiting game, as you know, but feel good and no more blood instances.


I'm not sure blood in your stools is from the PBC ... please go get it checked out asap


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