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Please refer your doctor to this site

Can we all please refer our GP's to this site .- Things like the posts on rib pain etc. My doctor would also see that as just muscle soreness possibly. It's only when you see it appearing here constantly that you realise it's related to PBC and you take some comfort from that. Diagnosed a year and a half ago and haven't seen a consultant yet as I am linked to a teaching hospital where you often get a useless trainee who is on their first day and hasn't a clue - as in my first experience where he had to google the symptoms in order to ask me them! Thinking of switching hospitals! Be grateful for the NHS in the UK as here in Ireland it's a million times worse. Waiting 2.5 years for a dermatology appointment and no sign of it.

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Hello kingerm.

Have you contacted the PBC Foundation to request their leaflet put together for GPs all about PBC? I got one several years ago. I did take one in to my GP but can't say if it was read or whether it was put in my records though. There is also Liver North who provide a dvd all about PBC that can be sent to you free of charge. The website is liver org and it is based in Newcastle (UK).


Thanks. Will mention it.


Where are you based Kingerm? I attend Tallaght and I find them fantastic.


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