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Falling down for no and don't know why

hi, im a 54 yr old female with many physical issues. but the latest is falling down and drs don't understand why yet,,going to see my neurologist who treats me for epilepsy. I have fallen almost a dozen times just out of the blue. I fell twice today already. a few days ago I hit my hip on the floor so badly I fave a 4" deep purple bruise,the very next morning I fell flat on my spine. last year I had two disc removed from spine,tumor was found but the dr cannot remove it,,paralysis may acure

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YIKES! I'm so sorry you're going through this - I hope they can figure out why! I went through a time (for a few years after my car accident) where I was always falling down stairs - I couldn't focus enough on the task of going down the stairs (I was used to always doing many things at once) but I couldn't even look up or I'd fall. But that I'm sure, was because of my concussion.

I really hope they can offer you some help!!! Wow, I'm so sorry this is happening :(


Oh dear - you must be scared to move. I do hope the doctors soon find what is happening and put it right for you. Best wishes. diane


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