Malaria tablets with pbc

Hi I'm off to Goa in November , and I'm unsure if I can take malaria tablets or not, I tried last time I went before dx and they made me ill so I stopped after a week and was fine I've been reading that people are saying they don't bother as it is such a low risk but someone also said if you have any autoimmune diseases you should take them ? Any one had any experience with them .

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  • Hi I was dx last year just before my trip to Thailand in November. The part we were visiting had loads mosquitos . I have had to take tabs before last year as I get eaten alive. My GP gave me tabs that she made sure we're OK with people with pbc and liver problem.

  • Thanks for your primp reply I'll make an appointment with my gp but he is not very clued up on Pbc I had to explain it to him and he looked at me as if I was a hperchondraic my last go retired he was brilliant x

  • Ok have you any leaflets on pbc from this site or Livernorth.? I would suggest you get some to take to your GP plus try and ask Robert on here what they think I'll try and get you links to Robert and Livernorth. Livernorth do leaflets and a DVD that I gave to my dr .

    You have time to get stuff so you go into your GP with information at hand.

    Then go and see him about anti malaria tabs. I can't afford to get bitten so need tabs.


    Email and ask there advice on how you can deal with GP regarding pbc

    What they think about anti malaria tabs

    I'll try and find Livernorth info too

  • Thank you


    Ask for leaflets and dvd

  • I take Plaquinil, which is an anti-malaria drug used for Sjogren's Syndrome. I've been on them since 2006 so I don't really notice side effects unless I miss a few doses in a row. Oh, other than sun sensitivity.

  • Make sure you don't have a G6PD deficency before taking Malaria meds. I have PBC and the deficency. They made me sick too.

  • Hi I have pBC and Sjorgrens Syndrome (another auto immune condition) I was on Plaquenil which is an anti malaria drug. My Rheumotolgist prescribed it to me. In my case I never had any bad experiences. She told me that even though I have PBC too, this drug has been used In Sjorgrens patients for years, she said safe for people with PBC. I would always check with your own PBC doctor bc everybody is different, but she has never heard of bad effects for any PBC patients and she is one of the top Rheumotogists in the NYC area...good luck

  • Again best of luck from the NYC area..USA, love the UK my Mom was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne....she adopted me when she came here after surviving the bombings of WW11...plse check with your own Drs as Chall 13 said on their post some patients need to be checked for a certain defiency .....

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