Thankless dedication while working sick for years- finally fired

I finally got fired From my job of 16 yrs. I have been trying my beat to work sick as a dog and that the thanks I got. No job means no insurance . I have autoimmune hepatitis stage 2 liver disease- sever depression -inflammatory bowel insomnia - anxiety to name a few. I'm 58 and was to trying to find a doctor that could keep me working until age 63 , now I'm in seemingly lengthy time of no income or insurance while waiting on soci security. Has any one else had these same Gawd awful emoyers? Mine was Adad County by the way in idaho

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  • Omg that's awful. I had to give up work as well but had a private pension to fall back on. In the UK and get some benefits such as free health care, prescriptions etc. Can't imagine what you are going through. Try and stay positive! Take care. X

  • When I saw my ability to work affected I stepped down and went part time and let my boss know I was struggling with my health. My employer of 33 years then created a part time job for me as a consultant that was for just enough hours to allow me to continue benefits. They also let me decide what my schedule would be. I worked hard for them all those years and they were as helpful as could be. I am very lucky. Having said all that however, there are things employers may not be able to do in these times, HR gets into everything and if you do for one you must be ready to do for others, even if not as deserving. So it is possible your employer had some issues trying to do something. I was extremely lucky, but also had all members of my senior management team standing up for me.

    Every day was a struggle and I would tell me husband if I was my boss, I would have to fire me! As I continued to decline; I found out I had PBC and since our benefits were based on the prior year my long term disability benefits were based off my full time job. As hard as it was to do, I went out on short term for a gall bladder surgery and then made the decision to not return and try getting LTD compensation approved then as a month later it would drop significantly. My employer was more than helpful in extending my health insurance until open enrollment so I could get on my husbands without a lot of fuss. LTD insurance company wanted to deny me of course, but my doctors went to bat for me and it was approved. After two years my LTD required you to apply for SSDI and then if approved they only pay any difference missing. I was approved for SSDI quickly and put at worse case scenario so they won't even review my file for 7 years, if ever. By then I will be very close to retirement age. LTD then followed their lead and finally stopped hounding me, instead they did as SSDI did out me out 7 years with possible simple medical updates every two years.

    Have you applied for SSDI? You do have to be out of work for a while but you could start looking into it. I had the help of ALLSUP paid for by the LTD insurance company. They really know their SSDI stuff, but if you can manage on your own then you don't have that loss which I think is around 20-25% collected. However, the more they collect, the more they get. So early on it would not cost as much as it would to get it back paid in a few years as the lump sum would be so much more.

    You need supportive doctors and documentation......document everything. I wrote notes up after each doctor visit and when you see the SSDI Doctor don't vent there about the company not doing anything. It's hard admitting you can't work and need to take benefits, I literally teared up when I talked about my work history and think she appreciated how much I loved my job. I also have several AI conditions that added to the mix, and I do think if you are 55 or older with a long work history it might be easier to get SSDI approved quickly. But some of it just depends on the people working your file.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you can get approved for SSDI. You would then get Medicare as well.

  • You should be able to get disability. You'll need a doctors referral which should allow you to get ss and Medicaid. my sons mother in law got it for RA. I was working part time at home. Decided to get some help so hired someone. It was getting to me. I started collecting ss and took my pension. With my savings I should be ok and still having some income I should be ok. I'm fortunate to be covers by my husbands medical. He worked for the Feds. He pays the premiums from his pension. It's a lot of money but here in the states as you know you need insurance or you are screwed. Nothing free here. At least nothing for the middle class.

    I hope things work out.

  • Hello, Bogeeman. I think you may likely qualify for ACA (also called Obamacare) or perhaps Medicaid. In the interim, you should qualify for unemployment compensation and to continue your prior health coverage via COBRA. Since you were a long-term employee I am sure the unemployment benefits will provide some type of coverage. Here is a link to help you determine which type of insurance you are eligible for (COBRA, marketplace, or Medicaid.)

    Hope this helps and you find some way to continue with your healthcare coverage while seeking other employment. Take care.

  • Hello, new here just joined. I saw your post and it hit home. I have the same with PBC and I guess I was lucky, I went on disability before my job could fire me, because I knew that if I didn't they might fire me and I would be screwed. They tried their best to get me to come back to work and when I didn't, they eliminated my job, so what does that say? I'm so sorry for your predicament, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let's keep in touch.



  • Thankyou so much it's a nightmare

  • Thankyou's been a nightmare . I applied for ssd in May- expect to hear from them soon.. To have a progressive liver disease with no insurance and no income .. I'm sure excessive worry and total insomnia is not helping....I hope all goes well for you-

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