Morning all. I went to Australia this year for six weeks to meet all my relatives and rekindle friendships with the ones I hadn't seen for 20 years and more. As you can imagine, the trip was extremely hard but determination is a great thing! Being Scottish helps! 😎 We got into talking about genes and how we are all connected. One cousins daughter was seeing her doctor for various things and asked us to make a list of our ailments and any diagnosed conditions. Well, today I've just received a message from her, yes, you've guessed it, PBC strikes again! I've sent her the Bear facts magazine and she can show her kids the new video which I thought was excellent. Does anyone know if there is a similar organisation to the Foundation in Australia? She is newly diagnosed and I remember how scarey a place that was for me and many others.

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  • The marvellous thing about the Internet is she can join the PBC foundation and be part of world wide group. In turn I'm sure she will find other Australians who are part of the network .

  • I'm in Australia, there is no PBC Foundation type organisation here, but we do have a Support Group on Facebook - does she have a Facebook account? If she joins the Australian PBCers group (it's a 'closed' group) on Facebook she may find other PBCers in her State - those living in Victoria, NSW, and Queensland organise 'meet-up' days. ;-)

  • Hi, thanks for reply. She doesn't have Facebook and lives in Adelaide. I'll copy and paste what you've written. Thanks again.

  • I'm pretty sure there are a couple of women from South Australia who are members of the Australian PBCers Facebook support group - there is a 'thread' posted that most of us have placed our location (not necessarily our home addresses), and contact details in. This was done so that those who wanted too could contact each other.

    I find the Facebook PBC Support Groups (there are three that I belong to) are very good - I was diagnosed 27 years ago and found it very lonely not having contact with others with the same condition. ;-)

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