International PBC Day

International PBC Day this year is 11th September. Please do keep in touch with

few have offered to walk with Mhari which is fantastic news. My ankle continues to

trouble me so I shall perhaps cycle the 20 miles! Please see the links for our own

20 year anniversary just giving and also for Mhari,


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  • this is according to the Bear Facts newsletter from PBC foundation

  • Becca - I don't know where you live but September 11 is Remembrance Day for everyone that lost their lives here in the states. I try to lay flowers every year in New York.

    I wish you all the best on this day!


  • Shame the dste is 9/11 are we goimg to b gorgotten as its such a big date for America

  • oh I know it's remembrance day LOL

    It was in the PBC foundation newsletter. :) just passing it on

    my post was copied and pasted right from the newsletter

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