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Friends, Still learning about this dreaded disease...today my husband scheduled a massage for me. I've had quite a few massages, but this one was amazing. I followed it up with 10 minutes in the steam room. I left the spa feeling better than I have felt in years. Anyone who saw me later asked what I'd done to get my spark back, it was that obvious. I started researching the benefits of massage for the liver...and read a few things that said that people with liver disease shouldn't get massages? Now I'm a bit worried...but I feel SO much better. Thoughts?

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I didnt know that ! I have regular massages and feel better for them. Hope someone has the answer to this. Should we or should we not have massages?



I would say if it makes you feel better then that must be a good thing...surely? I hadn't heard that massages were bad for the liver...can't really understand why it would be detrimental.

I'd be interested to unsterand stand the logic!!


I've just found the article below...it seems that if you have cirrhosis of the liver you should consult your GP about having a massage...but it seems as though this is a massage targeting the liver, not just a general back massage, and it only seems to be if you have pretty advanced cirrhosis. I've also read somewhere that if you don't have cirrhosis then a massage targeting the liver can actually improve circulation and movement of toxins.


Maybe Robert at PBC foundation could offer some advice?


I was just shocked at how much better I felt...I think the steam room afterwards helped, too. It made me really want to investigate how else to remove toxins. (I am starting to do Epson Salt Baths, also).


I do "hot yoga" at a studio here in my town near Los Angeles. It's a grueling hour and a half of intense stretching and balancing poses in a room heated to 90 degrees. As challenging as it is to get through the workout, the unbelievable good feelings I get in my body and mind are completely worth it. I do the workout 2-3 times a week and it's been a God send in helping me battle the fatigue that comes with this disease. I imagine the massage you had gave your muscles a good stretch and got some built up tension stirred up, then the steam released them out. Leaving you feeling great. If you have a hot yoga studio in your town, I highly recommend checking it out. It's like a workout, massage and therapy session rolled into one - and it's good for you! Good luck :)


happyclam ~ That is what I am considering now. I certainly can't afford massage 2-3 times a week!! But it was a game-changer.


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