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I hope I can post this in here, my name is Doreen Donaldson and have created a Facebook page and a Yahoo email support group for the PBCers in Australia (and anyone else) so we have a place to be in touch with PBCers near them and have meet ups for coffee and a chat. Addresses are

Yahoo group




or you can send me your email address to doreenpbc@hotmail.com and I will send you an invite. I am just trying to help PBCers get together.

Kind regards


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  • I found you just recently

    I live in nz and would be happy to do the same .i suspect us New Zealand PBC ers are few and far between . Thanks

  • Hi boneytoys

    Have you joined the groups, I hope we can get others from NZ as well as those from Australia.



  • Hi Doreen. Will love to get in contact with you. Just got diagnosed with PBC and would like to talk to others about this. Thanks Daleen Chadinha

  • Hi Daleen, you can contact me at doreenpbc@hotmail.com and send me an email and I will give you my contact details. Doreen

  • daleen11@hotmail.com. Thanks for your reply, Doreen. Looking forward hearing from you.

  • Hi Darleen, how are you, I hope you had a lovely Christmas, I have been very busy as have sold my house and down sizing and moving closer to family. As my health is an issue with many medical conditions my family feel I need to be close to them so they can help me. I hope you are well. Hugs Doreen

  • Hi Doreen. Thank you for your message. I'm doing en feeling really well. Have been on Urso for the last 4 months and my liver results have dropped so much. On cholesterol meds now. Itch gone feel normal now. You do see life differently now and if it wasn't for my family I would have been lost. My son is my rock. Special Thanks to our Heavenly Father who gives me the strengh everyday. Take care and look after yourself. Selling house is quite daunting but slso exciting starting new again. Much love Daleen

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