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I hope I can post this in here, my name is Doreen Donaldson and have created a Facebook page and a Yahoo email support group for the PBCers in Australia (and anyone else) so we have a place to be in touch with PBCers near them and have meet ups for coffee and a chat. Addresses are

Yahoo group




or you can send me your email address to doreenpbc@hotmail.com and I will send you an invite. I am just trying to help PBCers get together.

Kind regards


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  • I found you just recently

    I live in nz and would be happy to do the same .i suspect us New Zealand PBC ers are few and far between . Thanks

  • Hi boneytoys

    Have you joined the groups, I hope we can get others from NZ as well as those from Australia.



  • Hi Doreen. Will love to get in contact with you. Just got diagnosed with PBC and would like to talk to others about this. Thanks Daleen Chadinha

  • Hi Daleen, you can contact me at doreenpbc@hotmail.com and send me an email and I will give you my contact details. Doreen

  • daleen11@hotmail.com. Thanks for your reply, Doreen. Looking forward hearing from you.

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