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Does anyone on this site live in USA, if so have you tried to receive SSDI, I also have PBC. I live in Louisville, Ky can't find a support group for either groups.

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  • Yes, I live in the US. Are you inquiring about Social Security Disability? I know there's lots of information online but I've never applied.

  • Yes, there is a support group here in the US. It's called PBCers Organization and can be found at Hope this is helpful.

  • Really looking for people in Louisville, KY so we can meet and start an awareness of PBC. Thanks already a member of since diagnosed.

  • I live in the US. I have filed for SS Diability and have been denied twice and now waiting for the hearing. I didn't have an attorney until I was denied twice. is a great site and there is also a couple groups on facebook.

  • Same here but I got a lawyer after first denial. Praying for a good decsion in your favor. Let us know how it turns out.

  • I'm in the US. I ditto Here's a link to SSDI on PBC...

  • I'm in the states also, Virginia. Keep us updated on the disability. Good luck!

  • I am in the good ole USA. Oklahoma to be exact. I recently had to file for disability, I am waiting for a decision now. I am so hoping it is approved and I don't have to keep fighting for it. My plan, if denied, will be to obtain an attorney to fight the rest of the way for me. Good luck to you.

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