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Post cholecystectomy. Enlarged gall bladder but no obvious stone. Liver function tests raised. Post op liver function tests all return to normal but positive AMA M2. No other signs or symptoms. Just wondering if M2 could have been positive because of op conditions and now LFTs are normal and any blockage from bile gone. If M2 repeated could it now be normal? Probably need a specialist to answer this but someone might know

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Hi Gig100. My understanding is that once your body produces AMA M2, you have it programmed into your immune system. I don't think it goes away. Perhaps other people could chime in and let me know if this is correct?

But, the presence of AMA M2 does not mean that you will definitely have symptoms. You can test positive for M2, but have normal LFTs, normal bile ducts, and no symptoms. We have people here that have been this way for many years and have no need to be put on Ursodiol. They just monitor the liver regularly with blood tests.

It looks like the surgery has been a success for you so far! Hopefully it will stay that way. Keep us updated!


Fingers crossed! Seeing liver man soon so hopefully will know mire then. Thank you for reply

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