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I have been having pain in liver area that starts out like heartburn then intensifies something awful. I feel it in my upper back also. It only lasts about 10 minutes but doesn't completely go away but gets more tolerable. I went to hospital once and all they could tell me that it wasn't my heart.I did ask my gastro about it last time I went and she sent me for ultra sound to check gallbladder and pancreas and the results were normal. I also keep a full feeling and if I sit up and lean over with elbows on knees it feels like I'm putting pressure on "something". My question is..Does anyone have this type of of pain and if so is it liver or something else and is there anything to help it? This is really starting to worry me. Thank you in advance for any advice. Oh, and when it eases it like settles in the upper abdomen right below breast bone and can still feel it in back. It does hurt some if I take a deep breath.

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Hi Lisa,

Yes, I understand where you're coming from with this. I frequently get discomfort or pain around liver area (upper right ribs area) and round the back of there in mid-right back section. It comes and goes with severity, sometimes laughing/sneezing/ doing too much exacerbates the crampy stabs feeling.

Theres not been a particular answer for me on whats causing this either.

I have warm showers/ put a heat pack on the back area which sometimes soothes there a bit as can feel bit like muscular ache, but not found anything to ease the front liver area. Im not sure we have exactly the same, as mine tends to last longer rather than be in short bursts. But either way its reassuring for us that someone else is having similar things going on. Let us know if the consultants work out any answers, hopefully if you keep reminding them they will be able to do more tests.

Take care.


Hi I've had rib pain for a long time! I'm assuming it's from APS! What is PBC???


Hi Debbweb01. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. I think the name was changed to Primary Biliary Cholangitis.


Thank You


Hi guys I have had this type of pain for some years.. lately have had increased gastric problems especially feeling full.. can be sick if eat too much.. heartburn comes and goes.. bloat on daily basis. Gastro dr thinks it not my liver or to do with pbc.. was told my ultrasound was normal and no gallstones but now told it showed sludge in gallbladder he thinks this problem. . Having gastroscopy next week hopefully find an answer x


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