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4th Transplant

On today's local newspaper ( Birmingham Mail ) there is a a story of a young 22yr old girl who is now seriously ill in The Queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham awaiting a forth liver transplant. I was at work one day when a liver was flown in from Belfast for her , there was a bad fog and the plane crashed and due to the brave fire fighters the liver was saved and transplanted within a few hours. Kate ( patients name ) I hope the next rd goes well and that you make a good recovery...

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Awww hope it all turns out well for this young girl..hoping now they have the new treatments that cure Hep C that it will help others that desperately need a liver transplant to get a better chance ...since it will reduce the need for transplant in people that are cured of this awful virus. ..bring on the Harvoni the sooner the better...hoping to be treated myself soon.


Brummi - what a touching story! I hope all goes well for Kate and for you.



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