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Diagnosed a year ago. Have several symptoms. I'm in Omaha NE and my LTF's are down to 150. But i have anemia, bruising, recital bleeding,

Fibromyalgia..and I am completely in pain in my abdomen, fatigue is 100% worse, but they say Im ok. Should i get a biopsy? They did a ultrasound & CT scan. My anxiety I'd horrible can't sleep. They originally never gave a stage, said 10-20 yrs? Please advise!!!!

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Hello Nicole76.

Well a biopsy can't really tell a doctor overly-much with regards to PBC if you mean a liver biopsy. The biopsy site will only tend to show the condition of the liver in that area and not the rest of it as it can be differently distributed. Here in the UK if one can be diagnosed without the need for a biopsy that is invasive then we aren't required to have one.

I was itching back in 2010 and had fatigue then and my LFTs and also GGT were abnormal. I was then found to have a high titre of AMAs (the antibodies that seem prevalent in a lot in PBC) and was diagnosed this way. I was never requested to have a biopsy and nor was any stage mentioned except I was informed by the hospital consultant that PBC had probably started a 'few years prior'. I had a scan, the ultrasound, it showed at the time my liver looked quite normal and bile ducts could be clearly seen according to the consultant.

I started urso Dec 2010 and to date I am doing quite well. My LFTs and GGT still remain abnormal but nothing so far alarming. I am now 51.

I haven't taken any notice of how long a lifespan I could have now I have PBC. I just do not want to know about things that could occur with PBC as I agreed with myself a few years ago that it would be better to deal with things as and when as these things might never happen so to me needless worry for nothing and life would pass me by.

I try to get on with life. The itch is my irritation, especially at night but I can get by quite adequately, I do a lot of walking and try to get on as normal. I think by enjoying life now is by far better and though I have PBC I might not do things that I will do now, go places I want to go had I not have had this.

Reading your posting title, I think if you have rectal bleeding you really should have that checked out, it could be haemorrhoids that can be treated and the anaemia might be caused by this so again that can be treated.


Good afternoon Nicole, i have sent you a private message.

Best Wishes

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