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The good news!

This is the first time i am writing here. My mother was diagnosed with PBC over a decade ago. She was not properly medicated and followed so in 2012 we were shocked when she was diagnosed with ruptured varices and AIH,along with PBC,and encephalopathy and nh4 levels got up to 70. She merely survived that episode and from that day on she got numerous varices banding,first every 3 weeks,so every month,and now she is on controll every year. Her treatment was harsh,very high doses of propranolol and ursofalk and imurel. last year she had no varices and last week she was at the gastroenterologists. no varices this time either! And because of that her medication was lowered! she has no AIH either!

I am so happy and finally stop worrying as much!

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After the violent storm kiki1980, good to read that your mother has hit the calm and hope the sun keeps on shining for her.

As far as I have read about urso it can help a PBC patient stave off varices and ascites though there is no guarantees. Perhaps alongside your mum's treatment and the urso her system is recovering well and with improved bile flow that urso offers she can get on with life once more.


I am so pleased for you and your Mum, I'm sure you must both feel the tide has turned. :-)


So pleased for you and mum that things are looking up for her. Best wishes to you both.


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