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So scared my husband got positive M2 antibodies

Hello all, I am just so scared because my husband was (+) for M2 (although negative for anti-mitochondrial). He has been getting abnormal liver labs for more than 10 years but nobody suggested him to do the M2 antibodies, so I guess he might have this condition for a long time now. He is completely asymptomatic.

Could anyone tell me if there is any chance that this positive M2 does not have clinical implications??


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Hello Carol76.

I thought that the M2 was also specific for PBC. That they were one and the same in terminology. I did respond to a post on here not so long ago regarding antibodies tests and others (like ANA) were also on the table too. (I had positive for AMAs and negative for ANAs back in later 2010. I was diagnosed with PBC due to the AMAs and also abnormal LFTs, GGT and symptons associated with PBC.) I cannot find the posting as it only seems to come up with my postings so you'd have to click on 'Peridot' and check through to find. I thought it was more informative and I am sure it was in response to some other antibody check someone had just had at the time.

Check out this site:-


The good thing is if you state your husband is asymptomatic is that it looks good, well from my point of view. I was unfortunate at the age of 45 back in 2010 to start itching and had fatigue at the time. That led to the PBC diagnosis end of that year when by that time I was 46. I still itch and have been taking urso for over 4yrs now but my liver function test and another known as the GGT are still abnormal but not abnormally high currently. I am doing quite well.

My motto is to enjoy life, has since the diagnosis. I try and not think a bout PBC and what it could become. I prefer to just crack on making the best of life with my husband and decided long since I'd deal with things as and when as you never know they might never happen.


I would talk to the PBC Foundation advisors. The link to their website is at the top of this page. The site has lots of useful info, and the phone numbers are there to talk to their experts. I think it would also help to read their site carefully, for lots of background info on PBC.

Maybe it would then help to check some of the research papers that have been posted on this site, by other users, over the years, once you feel you understand more. You will have to trawl back through posts on here, but there are already 'Related Posts' about M2 signposted on this page for you to follow. I wouldn't read other online sites on PBC until you feel you understand AMAs and M2 better.

Has he seen a consultant, or was it just the GP doing the tests? They should be able to tell you more, maybe you have to go back to them once you feel you understand a bit more yourself.

I hope all goes well.

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Could you clarify what you mean by "positive for M2 although negative for anti-mitochondrial?" M2 is a sub-type of AMA (the anti-mitochondrial antibody).


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