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Liver issues

Tubing or intravenous and liver issues

My daughter has a friend who found out she has some sort of liver issues. She won't tell my daughter what it is but tells her bits and pieces. She recently got tubing or intravenous hooked up to her chest area. The tubing stays in for couple of days and she has to go back to the hospital for visits.

She told my daughter she sat for over 5 hours the other day and she can't go about her day as she used too

Does any of this sound familiar??

I don't understand it or why she won't tell my daughter her issues

She also dances but won't tell the dance teachers her problems as well

Any suggestions???

Very confused

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If somebody wants to keep things private then that's their choice. They are obviously going through some nasty medical times if it has resulted in the tubes being fitted. What those around can do is be there for them if they need them without judgement. That's what friends do. Xx


It's not judgemental on our part. We just are concerned and are not trying to be nosy or interfere in any way. She dances and even the dance teachers don't know. Abd her main teacher is a nurse. They voiced concern to if something happens while she is there at least they would have some knowledge of what the problem is.

She has been friends with my daughter for 8 years and just recently got a boyfriend in the last couple of months and he apparently knows everything

She did tell my daughter this and I guess my daughter feels left out because she tells her bits and pieces but won't say the full story.

We are far from judgemental and don't wint to be taken as that. We are just concerned


Sorry no offence meant. It's sometimes difficult on here to say exactly what you mean it's sometimes taken wrong. An authority figure could approach a parent ie.the dance teacher. But it's a really difficult thing I agree. Xxx


Hi Jen11804,

How thoughtful to be so concerned about this young girl! It is always good to try to be as informed as possible about things such as this. Even though I am sure your daughter is a supportive friend, knowing as much as she can only assist her in saying and doing the right thing at the right time.

I tried to do a little research on this and came up empty handed. If you ever get more info, please let us know how she gets on. I know how scary it is for me at this age to endure an illness with support. It must be very difficult for this young girl going through an illness and trying to keep it to herself.

Take care!



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