Enlarged liver

Hi when i was first diagnosed with p.b.c (1 year ago now) my first scan showed fatty liver, i have just received my results of a scan i had done recently and my liver is enlarged and my consultant has requested i go for another scan.Has anyone else got a enlarged liver? Is their any reason why it has enlarged? . My right side is very sore and very swollen. But one good thing is my bloods are a lot better. If anyone can help i would really appreciate anyones experience with enlarged liver. Thanks in advance.

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  • I'm sorry I can't help you with this, as it's an aspect of PBC that I know nothing about.

    However, if you don't get a goodly number of informed responses today, and from folks who really know their stuff, then I would consider re-posting your question on a weekday. I've noticed that there is much less traffic on here, at weekends. I think if you post late at night, the question will be there for everyone to see next morning in that days posts.

    I would also recommend contacting the PBC Foundation (link to their site at the top of this page), and phoning one of their advisors for a chat about this.

    Hope you get some advice soon, take care.

  • Hello hettie01.

    Remember I am not doctor but at the same time, the only thing I can think of is perhaps an inflamed liver over time might look to enlarged. Think of some wound and you get slight swelling that does go down, perhaps that is the reason for an enlargement of the liver.

    If you have been diagnosed for just a year then believe me, from my experience of being diagnosed 4yrs now and taking urso for that length of time, I think it take that bit longer to feel more or less quite back to normal all being well in yourself and your blood work.

    My theory is that as time progresses the urso gives more of a bile component to aid digestion thus less stress and strain on the liver that it can start to be more relaxed and start to recover as best it can as the liver can regenerate itself. For us with PBC we have that obstacle that I personally think does mean we need more time from when we were diagnosed (as we are all diagnosed at varying stages of PBC as in some with very high bloods, others with a notso abnormal, etc). I know in my case my bloods have come down relatively slowly since the second year of taking urso.

    I go with how I feel day to day and make the most of it all. I only know I've PBC at night when I itch and also when I reach for the urso twice a day.

  • Thank you both for your replys i was just abit surprised with scan results as last time i had a fatty liver, i was diagnosed a year ago but i think i had p.b.c at least 3 years before that .Since taking urso my bloods have been alot better. I will re-post when i have an explanation to why my liver has en-larged. Take care everyone.

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