Co-Enzyme Q10

Hi everybody just thought I would share this with you all and you never know it may help a few of you.

I suffer mainly with the dreaded itch!!! In fact it's unbearable at times but as many of us I have my coping mechanisms. I also suffer with acid reflux which I take Lansoprazole daily and to a lesser degree I have fatigue, my prof suggested co-Enzyme Q10 of which I take 100 mgs daily. Anyway to cut a long story short after taking them for a long time in my infinite wisdom I decided to stop them as taking 15 tablets a day (not all Q10) was getting me down. After about 3 weeks I realised that the fatigue had got considerably worse so started taking them again and once back in my system I found a great difference.

Basically the reason for this post is that they really do work for those of us that the fatigue is not the main symptom.

Hope this helps.

Debbie. Xxxx

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  • Thanks for this Debbie , do you get these from the doctor or the health store ? Sue x

  • Hi Sue

    You can't get them on prescription, shop around the price varies considerably.

    Take care


  • Thanks Debbie, I found them today at the health shop,expensive !!!! But if they suit me ok I've seen them a lot cheaper online, hope they can give me a boost lol... Thanks ..sue x

  • Thanks some hope they can help me ...sue x

  • I have taken Q10 for years. I can`t remember the reason for starting it but as I feel so well and most days have lots of energy I daren`t stop just in case its the one that ticks the right box!

  • No don't stop, stay well.

    Debbie. X

  • I used to take Q10 for years - don't know why I stopped but as I've not been feeling good for a while now I will start them again - thanks for the reminder Debbie. In fact there is a tablet called ubiquital (think that's how you spell it) which is meant to be even better than Q10 - I'm gonna research it.

  • Hope you feel better soon Wendy, and keep us informed about the others too. As all of us on here I'm willing to give anything a try.

    Take care


  • Thanks Debbie, will certainly give it a look.

    best wishes

  • I also have took coq10 120mg a day for fatigue for about 4 years I stopped when diagnosed with pbc and started urso . My fatigue has been terrible so I have restarted and energy levels improving ... Coq10 oxygenates the blood to give you more energy but you do need at least 100mg a day . It is expensive but at present its buy one get one for a penny at a well known health store

  • Just to thank you Scratty!

    Have been struggling to get over Christmas & subsequent poor diet lethargy but DO feel better and more 'back on track' after taking Q10 for a week now after reading your post.

    May be a placebo effect but I don't mind - as long as it gets me going again!

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