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another "menstruation" post and PBC

I posted a few months back about liver pain during menstruation, which for some reason, seems to be getting better. Maybe I'm having shorter periods now that I am possibly going into perimenopause. But have you noticed that you retain your bloat and water more during this time than you used to? When I was younger I would bloat before my period, but when I started, the bloat would go away and I would usually lose 2-3 lbs quickly. Now, if I even look at something mildly salty, I will retain water and gain weight rapidly during my period.

I have been using the "my fitness pal" app and I lost 6.5 lbs quickly after the holidays, then I three days before my period and lost about .2, then when I got on my period, I gained another 1.6 lbs.

I was wondering if it was my age or that my liver can't process salt and other things as quickly as it used to and now the bloat just lingers. I notice it takes me longer to do everything now. Digest food to pass as waste, filter salty foods, etc. I drink at minimum 64 ounces of water a day and sometimes more liquid like decaf coffee or tea. I walk the equivalent of about .5 to 1.00 mile a day with steps and have been "trying" to do some yoga and other activities, though I haven't done anything for about a week now due to the period knocking me down.

This is just so frustrating. I was doing so well, but it seems when I get to about this weight I can't seem to go anywhere. I know I'm holding water as I can feel it in my hands. I'm at Stage 2 PBC so I know it isn't ascites, not yet, thank goodness.

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Can you talk to your GP about water retention? I believe there are tablets that help if they are not contraindicated for our condition. Try not to be hard on yourself, keep up your regime and you will probably break through your barrier. Don't forget that the body needs fuel in the colder months and with spring and summer round the corner there will be plenty of alternatives in the salad range it certainly sounds as if you are on the case with your weight and I am sure you will do well.

best wishes


Hello NotorDJP.

Well I am 51 in a few months time and for the last 2yrs now I have been inconsistent with my cycle but when I have one it has been as normal as ever except for the odd time when I've lingered for seveal more days. I've not experienced anything different to how I used to be when I had a pretty much 'regular as clockwork' 28 days cycle.

I did use to have a tiny bit of tummy bloating in the days prior to the cycle start but then it would vanish.

I was informed about 18mths ago that I h ad more than likely started what is known as perimenopause which is the period where you become inconsistent with your cycle as it winds down to a halt when you have then completed the menopause. I am actually hoping that now having gone 46 days since I had my last cycle that I won't ever have one again. I am not bothered anymore and had just started to get really fed up of the last 2yrs of not knowing when I was 'due on' like I used to, think now it will be much easier.

I used to gain around half a stone at the time I had a cycle but I no longer do. My breasts used to feel lumpy and tender at the time too but that no longer happens either.

I've not thought about salt really. I know I don't put salt in my food or on meals, I take cooking and eating as they come as most savoury foods contain an amolunt anyway (cheese for eg of which I don't eat much of). I think personally that it is more like the kidneys that deal with the salt and if you have normal kidney bloods on your repeats (I have them, mine have always been normal) then I take it for myself it is fine. (I say kidney as my sister had brain surgery twice in the last 14mths and now she has developed a condition known as diabetes insipidus which is all to do with your salt levels. Hers is due to damage to the hyperhtyroid, a gland that is situated on top of the thyroid. It controls your salt levels apparently and if it is haywire then it can cause kidney damage.)

It is said that wheat products can actually cause bloating and I expect certain other foods. Funnily enough high fibre foods if you are not used to them consistently can also cause bloating. I think it is said to be due to the fact that a diet with a good fibre intake needs more water for good digestion.

I started drinking red tea a few years ago. It is without caffeine and also hydrates unlike black tea apparently. I like red tea as you can add a splash of milk to it as I am no black tea drinker. I have also recently found a lovely herbal type tea that is licorice and peppermint that is just so refreshing to drink. The teabags come in a tiny muslin bag with string and it contains licorice root and the peppermint. Peppermint is supposed to be good for wind and also bloating.


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