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After having a bad cough for 10 weeks after the mildest of head colds and two docs saying it was viral this last week caused much ado.was given eurymythrocin on New Year's Eve as I was'wheezing'(was all along) and sent for chest X-ray.this morning could barely breath and walk and went to docs as it was closer than a&e.after bursting into tears they agreed a doc should see me immediately.she told me to stop taking eurymythrocin and take 8 steroids a day also 200mg of doxycyclin.the doc said it 'should'be ok for people with Pbc but the notes read bad for autoimmune probs.anyone taken any?is it ok.mildly improved on steroids as we speak

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I was misdiagnosed with AIH and had steroids for 12 weeks. PBC had already been confirmed following biopsy so I can only assume it's ok. My LFT's improved but that might be down to urso. Once AIH was doubted I still had to continue with steroids until I had reduced down. Must admit the steroids sorted out my fatigue!


Cazz22, hi! By steroids you mean prednisone or cortisone? If so, then yes they make miracles to all sort of inflammation in one's body. In my case they rid me of the wheezing in my chest, my pains all over, my nodules that are benign and that keep come and go on my chest and liver, though now I have them in my thyroid.

I personally took them for more than six months and was supposed to continue taking them. However, I decided to stop them because of the water retention they cause and also because I believed they caused me or aggravated my dormant depression.

Now and after six months free of them, my pains are starting to creep on but not my blues!


Hi thanks for your reply .yes the prednisone seems to have given me a good nights sleep due to no coughing howeve feel a lot itchy and a bit drunk this morning


Please make sure the itching is not an allergic reaction to food or medication. Apart from the PBC itching and fatigue, I am allergic to penecillin, and also to chocolate, bananas, strawberries, mangos, eggs and fish as well as citrus juice especially when I have flu or cough.


Apologies if anyone saw my comment before I deleted it. I said doxycycline made me sleepy. But it wasn't doxycycline after all

It was doxazosin.


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