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6 monthly checks?

Hi, my new consulant has put me on to 6 monthly checks as I have moles on my liver alongside/ because of the PBC. I don't know if this is his general prinicipal for PBC patients or just for me. He said there is a slightly increased risk of cancer. Does anyone else have this? I cycle most places, eat well mostly, and am active singing and performing. I get over-tired/ fatigued at times and am starting to realise I am going to have to force myself to slow down. That is hard. I got diagnosed in 2010 when my liver was very swollent, lFTS at 700, very tired and ill. I've responded well to Urso, though I get the acid reflux badly quite often. Sorry, more background than you need.

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I used to get 3 month checks because I'm on Imuran. The first time they extended to 6 months I had problems as my iron levels had reduced :) my liver functioning had improved and was back to normal - you can't win. I find the slowing down difficult too and I don't seem to realise when I'm tired if that makes sense.


I was on 6 month check ups when I lived in France, now I am back in the uk I'm still waiting for an appointment. I was told in France that I had to have bloods done and scan every 6months because there is an increased risk if liver cancer on scar tissue within in the liver. I think it's normal this for everyone.



Don't worry at all, I had the same but after treatment with ursofalk, legalon then milk thistle, and vitamin e. Also solupred or prednisone along with osteocare, but only for six months, I am now free of my three patches on the liver, cannot remember their scientific name at the moment. Have been on legalon for almost two years, now I am only on ursofalk and vitamin E. My check ups are still every six months.

I am almost sixty, and am still working but special hours, I mean late starts.

I am also on thyroxine but only since last June.

Best of luck!


I was diagnosed in Dec 2013 due to fatigue, itching and blood test results. My consultant has me on Urso and 6 monthly reviews.


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