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PBC and Pregnancy risks??


I was diagnosed woth PBC 2 years ago, I have no symptoms and i'm not on any medication. Myself and my husband are going to see my consultant on the 24th and we're going to ask him about risks then but we are going to start trying for a baby. I've been reading a lot online about risks with stillborns and misscarriages and I would like to here of others with PBC that have had children and what there experiences were?



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Four years ago, my doctor discovered my M2 anti mitochondrial antibodies. All of my liver panels were normal up until this June, so I just began URSO in October. I have had two healthy little boys since discovering the antimitochondrial antibodies. I did, however, experience preterm labor with my first and was put on hospital bed rest until I hit 34 weeks. I then resumes bed rest at home and delivered an 8lb 1 oz healthy boy at 39 weeks. For my second pregnancy, which was 2 years after my first son was born, I was put on bed rest as well, but I did not experience preterm labor. I delivered an 8lb 9oz healthy boy at 38 weeks and 6 days. I believe that the preterm labor with my first son may have been associated with my PBC, but no one was certain and they were able to stop it with terbutaline. I received steroid shots at 31 weeks with both pregnancies, to speed up my boys' lung development , just in case they came early. I don't know how helpful all of that info is, but hopefully it will put you at ease. Just in case you are interested, I was 30 when I became pregnant the first time and 32 when I became pregnant the second time.


Oh, I forgot to include that my cervix was thinning and funneling in both pregnancies, only in the third trimester. I had hospital bed refs during my first pregnancy because I went into labor, 3x, but they stopped it each time. They noticed the same cervical thinning and funneling with my second pregnancy, which was why I also had the steroid shots and bed rest. I should note that in both pregnancies, I lost my mucous plug around 30 weeks, about 1 week before my preterm labor with my first pregnancy, and right before they discovered the cervical thinning and funneling with my second pregnancy. Hopefully you will conceive easily and have a healthy and successful pregnancy, for as many babies as you want to have, just make sure your doctor is aware of your PBC and maybe ask for extra monitoring. I was considered high risk after he preterm labor with my first. Also, you may not need it, but I read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and conceived both of my sons on our first cycle. Best of luck to you, be positive and hopefully everything will be easy for you :-)


Hi, I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy since Diagnosed with PBC 4years ago, I like you are symptomless although I was put on urso, which I never took for 6 months before trying to conceive, but will start taking again as soon as I finish breastfeeding. So far this pregnancy has been fairly normal, I am considered high risk, but that's mostly due to this being my 7th baby, and also being 38 I'm considered an "older mother" seeing my consultant next week with regards to how I will deliver, I know generally with PBC they don't like to leave you past 37 weeks in case of placenta failure, but in my case this will probably mean induction of labour, rather than a C section hopefully! I also conceived in the first month of trying, which is usually the way for me pre PBC! More than happy to answer any questions you have,

Tracey x


I have two friends whose daughters both have been diagnosed with PBC (believe it or not). Both had two children and had absolutely no complications.

I think they were like you no symptoms and no medication.

Good luck!



Thank you this gives me so much hope


Hi Gemma,

I was diagnosed with PBC following the birth of my first son four and a half years ago and so I had him in blissful ignorance!! Like you, I do not have any symptoms and am not taking any medication at the moment!! In November 2013 I had my second son and had no complications or problems throughout my pregnancy, however, towards the end my LFT's did go up again quite significantly from being normal for about 2 years. They have now returned to normal again. When I spoke to my consultant before we started trying for our 2nd he told me that pregnancy had nothing to do with PBC and therefore we shouldn't worry. I told the midwives and was under an obstetrician consultant at the hospital due to having PBC and nobody seemed unduly worried about it. So much so that I requested to be taken off the obstetricians list and just cared for by the midwife, which they were fine with, as I felt it was a waste of both his and my time. At no point did anyone tell me that there were increased risks of stillborn or miscarriage. I am due to go and see a consultant at Leeds hospital in the new year, as I wanted a 2nd opinion regarding whether I should start taking URSO or not, so the fact that I am not on medication may change in the near future, depending on what he has to say. I think the desire to have a baby will override any worries you may have about potential risks that come with it, be that from PBC or just being pregnant in general!! It certainly did for me, as at one point I thought about not having him as I thought I may end up with rheumatoid arthritis as it is in my family. I just came to the conclusion that I couldn't spend the rest of my life thinking what if...... It's a hard decision to make, but I'm sure the consultant will help you to decide and as long as you follow his advice and make sure you look after yourself I don't see why you shouldn't just go for it!! :) Good luck xxx


Thank ypu so much for taking the time to reply to me. Me and my husband are so excited to start a family and you have made me feel a bit more at rest about PBC and pregnancy.


Hi Gemma, I have PBC for 19yrs and Raynauds and Systemic Scleroderma. My hubby and i tried for 3 yrs to have our baby and i was not on any medication when i concieved and did not need any during my pregnancy, Our son is now a very happy healthy 4yr old. Just stay positive and let it happen, i wish you all the best

Suzanne x


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