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Getting worried

Received letter from consultant today saying recent endoscopy showed dilated veins in gullet. Have already started on betablockers. Is now arranging for an updated ultrasound as he was surprised with findings based on previous blood results and scans. Does this mean that the although urso seems to improve my bloods and has stopped my itching that it isn't preventing my liver deteriorating? Not feeling very positive at the moment but neither do I want to worry those close to me. Still working but finding everything very hard going, physically as well as mentally. Sorry to sound off but hope you all understand.

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Hi Mojo62,

I'm so sorry to hear that you have had this news and I hope it all turns out okay. I don't have any knowledge in this area, so I do hope you get some specific, factual advice on here from fellow-PBC sufferers who have personal experience of exactly this sort of condition, and can advise and inform you appropriately.

However, as your questions are specific, why not go straight to the PBC Foundation (there is a link to them at the top of this page where you can get the phone number) and talk to their advisors, or email Robert (the main co-ordinator/advisor) direct. They are really helpful and can almost certainly answer your questions precisely.

Take care and I hope you get lots of useful information,

Try to treat yourself, be good to yourself,

Grittyreads xx


Hi Mojo62, If this is what I think, I had to have the endoscopy after I was bleeding internally. The veins in my esophagus(esophageal varicies) were enlarged and actually had a couple small wholes, so the doctor did what they call banding. Imagine a balloon filled with water and you stick a needle in it, the water starts coming out because the balloon is so full, that is the comparison he told me. The doctor puts like a teeny rubberband around them and it stops the leakage. I had 5 the first time, and a couple six months later when I went in for a check. Six months later a couple more, then for the past almost two years, nothing:) It really is a simple short procedure. If you want google what the doctor told you and you will be able to see alot of things on the liver that are related. I know you are worried, I was too. Now I just say a prayer and don't worry, the worry part of it makes me more crazy than anything, so I don't. I think of things that make me happy or try to help someone who could use it, even writing a letter to a relative or friend just to say hi and surprise them..............it gets the focus off me. I was diagnosed 19yrs ago, my doctor told me what to expect and has been wonderful all along, there is really no need for me to worry, I am doing sooo much better than alot of people and I am thankful I am. I would tell you a joke to make you laugh or smile right now, but I can't think of one:) Have a wondefule day. thoughts and prayers, cyndy


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