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Hi! I went for blood work yesterday and I asked for a copy to be mailed to me, so now I wait. They were to take 5 tubes, but they could

Get 4. I guess they could of tried another vein but the nurse taking my blood said they could do all the tests with the 4 tubes they took. That afternoon I was called by one of my doctors and all he said was my cholesterol was high. I can't wait to see these results! So--do any of you have high CHOLESTEROL ?

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Probably, since that is quite a common finding. An adjustment in your diet or course of statins may be required.


My doctor started doing Cholesterol tests when I went in to have the liver function test done, it is a new box doctors have to tick. Twice now I have shown up as having high Cholesterol but my PBC doctor this week wants a a fasting test done before he decides if I need to take anything for it. On previous occasions I didn`t know that that test was going to be done so had had breakfast. The PBC doctor did sound wary of telling me to take something as it could have unwanted effects.


It seems high cholesterol is a known symptom of PBC but my doctor isn't particularly concerned about it and said although my 'bad' cholesterol levels are high, so are my 'good' ones.........

I do have a family history of heart attacks/ strokes and diabetes though, so the doctor recommended I take statins as a preventative measure but from what he said this would be a lifetime commitment, not just a course and having read possible side effects are joint and muscle pain, I decided against it as I gave enough of those already!


I have high cholesterol which they check with blood tests. I don't take anything for it as I was told it is expected with PBC and not considered dangerous because the breakdown of cholesterol is now taking place it the blood.

Obviously a high cholesterol diet would be unwise but otherwise I can eat normally.


Missed reading your posting Val02 until now for some reason. Thanks for the posting as you explained it with a bit more detail than I know, the latter part of your 2nd sentence.

I agree a diet high in cholesterol and also saturated fat isn't advisable with PBC. I never had a high fat diet prior to 2010 but I keep a bit more check on it these days. I don't tend to eat much in the way of chocolate for instance which is quite high in fat but every now and then.....well I do try to eat it during the day as opposed to snacking out later in the day. I don't go overboard either.


Hello 2006.

I was found to have a higher reading of cholesterol back in 2010 the year I was diagnosed with PBC but no action was taken. Apparently there are 2 types of cholesterol, a good one and a bad one. Forgive me as I'd have to check but there is HDL and LDL and I can't remember which one is which. Tends to work as I understand with PBC that we can have a higher reading of the good one but it's also said we can have a higher reading of the bad one.

Personally I don't want to get onto the statin bandwagon. I've not had any problems so far with cholesterol since diagnosis of PBC Dec 2010.

Normally taking urso would deal with cholesterol as it was originally formulated for the dissolution of cholesterol formed gallstones.

Perhaps you need to reduce the fat intake to see if that makes a difference first.

This is my theory and I'm not sure about it, you'd have to ask your doctor, but could it perhaps be that your urso needs adjusting slightly? If it could work like this with an adjustment to diet at the same time it might be of more beneficial healthwise as to say having to be prescribed statins.

Oats are good for dealing with cholesterol in the system. Certain foods may help deal with it far better.


HDL = High Density Lipids (good cholesterol)

LDL = Low Density Lipids (Bad Cholesterol)


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